Commercial solar has never been more attractive. 

Reduce your energy costs and

deliver short payback times.

TLJ Solar has installed large scale solar systems to cater for businesses of all sizes to slash the cost of energy from day one of commissioning. 

This improves the bottom line, insulates your business from escalating electricity costs, and future pressure on baseload power and supply irregularity from the grid.


It also demonstrates your social commitment to the community and environment by reducing your carbon footprint with renewable energy.


It's the way forward.

Our team will listen and understand your energy goals, and evaluate your site by considering individual building layouts and site conditions. We assess shading issues and will design a bespoke renewable energy system to maximise your energy output. All of this is done in-house, so you have complete transparency throughout the entire process.

Here are some of our recent installations

Let's see how much you can save by going solar!
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