A better system at a better price. It's that simple.

Who we are

Proudly Australian and privately owned, our co-founders have dedicated their decades-long careers to building customer-centric, product-focused brands, and developing technical leadership in the growing renewables industry.

With extensive experience in selling and installing Solar Photovoltaic panel and battery systems, our team's deep industry experience allows us to provide you with the best-in-class home and commercial systems that are priced to wow.

Our co-founders three children T, L and J are the inspiration behind the name of our brand. Our brand name gives real purpose to our work because when you think about it, there is no greater purpose than to help create a sustainable planet for our children through renewable energy.

What we believe

We believe that everyone, everywhere should have access and the option to choose renewable energy in order to achieve sustainable consumption, and reduce carbon emissions. Traditionally energy in the home and at work is provided by a third party giving little choice to you as the user. We believe that by making solar energy accessible and simple for you, we can place your energy future in your hands to help you save money, save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve control of how you consume energy.

We value designing exceptional solutions, offering honest pricing and an ongoing relationship with you to ensure you have the expertise at hand to monitor your energy consumption is always optimised.

We are on your team.

How we do it

Our direct-to-customer approach, along with our own capability to design, install, maintain and help you manage your energy consumption makes us quite unique in the renewable market. We listen, understand,

and provide custom solutions to meet specific needs. We keep it simple and easy for you to achieve your renewable energy savings goal.

We use only the best products that are proven reliable and built to last.

We control the whole process from start to finish. Wether product advice, installation, or maintenance, you are always dealing with a TLJ Solar employee, not third parties. This gives you assurance we can so what we say we will do.

A better system at a better price. It's that simple.

Contact us  1800 855 765
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TLJ Solar 5 Mosrael Place, Rowville VIC 3178   office@tljsolar.com.au
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